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Independence Day Holiday

Soft-Ride will be closed Thursday, June 28 through Sunday July 8th for the Independence Day holiday. No orders will be shipped during this time. Shipping will resume Monday, July 9th, 2018.

Support & Stimulation

Example Gel Example Gel
  1. Natural Mechanics

    Soft-Ride Boots with Gel Orthotics allow your horse to stand and walk naturally.

  2. Deep Gel

    Soft-Ride boots comfortably cushion and cradle a horse’s hoof with our patented Gel Orthotic.

  3. Comforms to Hoof

    The Gel Orthotics in Soft-Ride boots are molded to conform to the natural shape of a horse's hoof.

  4. Provides Comfort

    Gel Orthotics provide comfort on any time of surface, such as concrete, pavers and blacktop.

Gels & Boots

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots provide comfort for your horse on hard stable surfaces, comfort while being transported in a trailer or airplane, and comfort when dealing with laminitis, ligament strains and other injuries.

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