Soft Ride is Open and is still shipping.

In response to the overwhelming need to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are taking precautionary measures so that we may continue to provide the same level of service and support you expect from us.

WE ARE OPEN and We Are Here for You

Customer Support Specialists are ready to support you via, email or phone:

Production: In anticipation, Soft Ride has planned in advance with a large amount in inventory and we are fortunate our customer service agents work from home and shipping requires one, so we have a built-in isolation/distancing format in place. Orders are shipping daily from our Houston, Texas manufacturing facility. We will continue to operate Monday - Friday to support your practice and horses during this unprecedented time. Shipping: Via, FedEx Ground & Express domestic services as well as international express deliveries by FedEx. Some clearance delays are everchanging, dependent on individual international destination governing bodies.

Veterinarians world-wide rely on Soft Ride Gel, to keep horses healthy and comfortable throughout the year, especially in the spring during laminitis season. Soft Ride has anticipated the upcoming need and is positioning to minimize any supply interruptions especially in that critical time for horses.

Additionally, FedEx is an essential service, and therefor will remain open and functioning during this crisis.

-Soft Ride Company