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Support & Stimulation

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  1. Natural Mechanics

    Soft-Ride Boots with Gel Orthotics allow your horse to stand and walk naturally.

  2. Deep Gel

    Soft-Ride boots comfortably cushion and cradle a horse’s hoof with our patented Gel Orthotic.

  3. Comforms to Hoof

    The Gel Orthotics in Soft-Ride boots are molded to conform to the natural shape of a horse's hoof.

  4. Provides Comfort

    Gel Orthotics provide comfort on any time of surface, such as concrete, pavers and blacktop.

Gels & Boots

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots provide comfort for your horse on hard stable surfaces, comfort while being transported in a trailer or airplane, and comfort when dealing with laminitis, ligament strains and other injuries.

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