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Ice Spa / Prolonged

The Ice Spa Prolonged is intended for prolonged use when following long icing protocols for treating hoof diseases such as laminitis and sepsis. The optional Smart Wireless Thermometer allows for easy, remote temperature monitoring when icing several horses simultaneously in a clinical setting.

Coming December 2017

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Neoprene Leg Overwrap

A comfortable, neoprene leg overwrap keeps ice and water contained without chafing.

Velcro Restraining Strap

The standard Velcro restraining strap fits above the knee and keeps the Ice Spa Pro securely attached to the foot.

Flat Channeled Gel Orthotic

Just like Soft-Ride Boots, the Ice Spa Pro includes a specially designed Gel Orthotic. The Gel’s channels help circulate water under the hoof, while its flat design provides comfort during long duration icing.

Removable Insulation Sleeve

The included removable insulation sleeve slips around the outside of the Ice Spa Pro and helps maintain proper cooling temperatures.

Optional Smart Wireless Thermometer

The optional Smart Wireless Thermometer allows remote monitoring of the temperature inside the Ice Spa Pro and will send an alert if the temperature is too warm or cold.

Optional Suspender Kit

The optional suspender kit can be used when icing both front legs simultaneously and can be used in place of the standard Velcro restraining straps. The suspenders go over the withers and attach to the buckles on the Ice Spa Pro, securely and comfortably holding them in place.

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