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Make Soft-Ride Comfort Boots part of your lifestyle and ensure your horse’s comfort in the stable, when being transported, or when recovering from injury or disease.

While Soft-Ride’s patented boots with gel orthotics protect a horse’s hooves, they also help keep your horse healthy. As a horse subtly shifts its weight while standing, the gel orthotic cushions and pushes against the bottom of the foot, helping to maintain proper blood flow to the entire foot and hoof.


Let’s face it: hard-floor stables are pretty much the norm because they’re easier to hose off, shovel up and sweep out. While hard floors make cleanup easier for humans, they’re not comfortable for horses.

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots cushion and protect your horse’s feet much better—and much less expensively—than stable floor mats, ensuring that your horse has a comfortable stall at home or on the road.

"He has worn Soft-Ride boots most of the time for about two years now, and trots and gallops around his pasture like a colt. He thanks me every day for his time with his pature buddies and green grass..."

- Lynne


Horse trailers aren’t exactly built for comfort. Their steel or aluminum construction includes a rigid frame that transmits every shock, bump and vibration through the trailer floor and right to your horse’s hooves.

That’s why so many professionals use Soft-Ride Comfort Boots when transporting their horses from event to event. In addition to making travel more comfortable, Soft-Ride’s non-slip sole provides traction on loading ramps and protects hooves from stones and other debris in parking lots, helping to ensure a less stressful journey and a horse that’s rested and ready to perform…right out of the trailer.

"We encourage clients to use Soft-Ride Boots for general transportation purposes, whether it is across the country to the Quarter Horse Congress or overseas to the World Equestrian Games. Just as you would use a standing support bandage to protect the limbs, we recommend using Soft-Rides to support and protect the feet."

- Dr. Alan Donnell, DVM

Therapy and Recovery

In addition to everyday use when stabling or transporting your horse, Soft-Ride Comfort Boots can also reduce your horse’s need for some medications when used for therapeutic purposes such as:

When working with a sore-footed horse, we recommend using a Soft-Ride boot on the affected foot and on the opposite hoof to ensure a balanced load.

"I love my Soft-Rides! And so does my horse Grumpy. Being 16 years young I decide he needed more comfort. He’s always been a spooky type horse, so I thought putting these on him would be a struggle. But he never spoooked nor hung back once, it’s safe to say he was definitely jellin’ with his Soft-Rides!"

- Cailee