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Therapy & Recovery

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots and the Soft-Ride Ice Spa should be part of your horse's daily care routine, but they can also play an important role in helping a lame or injured horse regain its health.

Laminitis, Abscesses, Navicular and Other Hoof Issues

Our patented and interchangeable Gel Orthotics provide the comfort to help tender-footed horses stay on their feet.

Soft-Ride boots help the Gel Orthotics retain their shape and support the sole of the hoof and the hoof wall.

"(Cryotherapy/Digital Hypothermia is ) the only effective therapy for laminitis...reduces the damage to the lamina that leads to laminar failure..."

- Dr. James Belknap

Pain Management

Help Tender-Footed Horses

Soft-Ride Boots can help get tender-footed horses up on their feet and moving.

"I've been using Soft-Rides since 2005. You can have a horse that is really, really tender-footed, and put the Soft Ride's on them, and they walk out like they are walking on a cushion. It really keeps them comfortable. "

- Brian Bell

Stone Bruises

Soft-Ride boots help horses recover more quickly from a stone bruise, a seemingly minor injury that can lead to lameness and major issues.

While our boots can make your horse more comfortable when recovering from a stone bruise, they can also help prevent this common condition when used as part of your everyday routine.

"You put them on when you’re hauling and it takes out some of the vibration of the trailer."

- Shawn FlaridaS

Injury Rehabilitation

Soft-Ride boots can help keep your horse moving when recovering from an injury or surgery.

You know how important it is to get your horse on his feet after surgery or an injury. Soft-Ride boots help give your horse the confidence to get up and move by making him more comfortable and relaxed on his feet.

"any time we get any soreness in a leg, we let them stand...it is such a helpful tool."

- Jon Barry

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