General Questions

What are Soft-Ride boots used for?

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots are used to provide general comfort and support for both sound and lame horses. Our boots can be used when horses are trailered to reduce road vibration and heat on the horse’s hooves and legs. They are also great to use on show grounds that have concrete stalls and walkways, as well as for stalling and light turn out of horses with tender feet.

How do Soft-Ride boots work?

Soft-Ride’s sturdy, patented boots assist the natural blood circulation in a horse’s hooves by providing cushioning to relieve the pressure that occurs when a horse loads and unloads its weight up to 30 times per minute. A study by the University of Illinois found that our gel orthotics increase the hoof surface area, thereby reducing pounds per square inch pressure for your horse.

The hoof wall (shod or unshod) sinks into our patented gel orthotic, increasing the sole contact areas and providing support and comfort for the whole hoof. The unique elastomeric properties or our orthotics help keep tendons, connective tissue, muscles, and ligaments healthy and can help shorten recovery time.

How many Soft-Ride Comfort Boots come with my order?

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots should only be used two or four at a time. It is okay to use a pair of Comfort Boots only on your horse’s front feet; it is not okay to use a pair of Comfort Boots only on your horse’s hind feet.

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots can be ordered in pairs (two boots) or singles (one boot). A single boot should be ordered only when your horse has two different size hooves (in which case you will need to order two boots of different sizes), or in the event that you need to replace a boot. Single boots have SINGLE in the product title and in the SKU.

How do Soft-Ride boots help with trailering?

Soft-Ride boots help reduce the shock and vibration of horse trailers during long distance trips. The boots also provide insulation from hot asphalt, and add traction on slippery loading ramps. A less stressful journey means your prized horse can arrive rested and able to perform better right out of the trailer.

Soft-Ride boots are heavier than some other boots on the market. Does this extra weight affect a horse’s joints?

It's always best to consult your vet if your horse has any specific issues, but in general Soft-Ride boots don’t affect a horse’s joints because the weight is comparatively minimal to its body weight. It's much like the difference between a person wearing hiking boots or ballet slippers.

How long can a horse wear the boots without taking them off?

Soft-Ride boots are designed to be worn continuously because they have openings on the sides to allow airflow and venting. This also means that debris can enter the boots, so they should be taken off at least once a day and cleaned out. When your horse is first breaking in the boots you should keep him in a fairly confined area (i.e. not turned out in the back 40) because he can throw them at the beginning if he gets frisky.

Are Soft-Ride boots intended to be used with shod or unshod horses?

Soft-Ride boots are compatible with both shod and unshod hooves. They were originally designed with metal shoes in mind, so shoes won't damage the gel orthotic. They are equally beneficial for barefoot horses to give them a little extra support and comfort when it's needed.

My horse has bar shoes/ pour-in pads/ wedges. Can I still use Soft-Ride boots?

Yes! Our gel orthotic is designed to compress under the weight of your horse and can form to different types of shoes. However, many people are using pads/bars/wedges for a specific reason or to correct a problem and prefer to remove the frog support portion of the orthotic. This is easily done with a belt sander or a hoof knife and does not change the integrity of the overall orthotic.

I live in a very snowy area and I want to use Soft-Ride boots. Is there anything I can do to give them more traction?

Many of our Soft-Ride users in cold weather climates have a pair of "winter boots" that they use for snow and ice. They put screws through the bottom of the outer boot (under the orthotic) to give them more traction, much like having a set of studded snow tires. Since the screw heads are under the gel orthotic, they don't interfere with the horse's hoof or shoes.

Is the Soft-Ride Comfort Boot suitable for trail riding?

Soft-Ride boots are not designed for any type of riding, high-level activity or performance. The boots are intended to be used for comfort and support in the stall, trailer, during light turnout, at show grounds and when the horse is at rest. Soft-Ride does not sanction the use of our boots for trail riding and will not replace boots damaged by misuse.

How much does a pair of Soft-Ride comfort boots cost?

Soft-Ride boots cost $195 per pair for sizes 4-10, and $225 per pair for sizes 2-3.

Will Soft-Ride Comfort Boots make my horse more comfortable?

Yes! Soft-Ride boots will provide new levels of hoof and foot comfort for healthy or lame horses.

Do Soft-Ride Comfort Boots come with a warranty?

Yes, they come with a six-month, unconditional warranty. If there is a malfunction with your boots that is NOT caused by improper use or sizing, send us an email and we will proceed with the warranty process.

Do you ever have sales or discounts?

All of our products are sold directly from our website to ensure that all our customers are treated fairly and receive the boots at the best possible price. The only discounts we offer are to vets and farriers who buy product in bulk to resell to their clients from professional clinics. We don't have sales or discounts on our products because we believe in giving our customers the advantage of always being able to buy our products without worrying about finding them at a better price elsewhere.

Do you have dealers for Soft-Ride boots?

A: We do all our sales directly off our website to ensure the best possible price for our customers. We do not use dealers at this time, with the exception of veterinarian and farrier professionals who can carry a stock of boots to use in emergency situations with their clients.

Sizing Questions

How do I determine what size Comfort Boot to order for my horse?

You’ll find complete, step-by-step sizing instructions, as well as a sizing video, here.

Do you have a size calculator?

We do! You can input your horse’s measurements in our size calculator and it will generate the size boot your horse needs. When using the size calculator, be sure to input the size of each hoof on which you want to put a boot; this will ensure you get the correct size boots. You can find the size calculator here: Sizing Page .

Do you have draft sizes?

Our largest boot is a size 2, which measures 6 ¾” wide by 6 ½” long. We can fit most warm bloods and some draft breeds, but it’s best to measure your horse to see if his hooves fit into the size restraints.

When should I size my horse’s foot?

You should size your horse’s foot shortly after his hooves have been trimmed. It’s important that the boot is not too big. This will ensure that the Gel Orthotic massages the bottom of the foot and does not get squeezed up around the outer edges of the hoof.

Do I need to keep my horse’s hooves trimmed to ensure a continued proper fit?

Yes! To ensure a continued proper fit, we recommend that your horse’s hooves be trimmed regularly, roughly every six to eight weeks, depending on how quickly they grow.

Should the boots fit snug or loose?

Ideally, we would like the boots to fit snugly with 1/8” or less showing around the outside of the gel orthotic. The closer the fit is, the better it will work for your horse. Much like a person’s shoes, the boot should be the smallest size that isn’t too small. Issues can arise if the boots are too large or too small. Boots that are too small will tear out because your horse’s hoof will rest on the hard plastic and material seam of the boot instead of sinking into the gel orthotic. Boots that are too large will be sloppy on the hoof and can spin around, and there is also potential for the extra material to fold under the hoof as the horse walks, which will lead to a rub-through in the material.

My horse is laminitic and we’ve been advised not to trim his hoof for a while. How should we size his foot?

You can size your horse now and purchase a boot that will fit your horse’s untrimmed hoof. However, when you finally do trim his hoof you will likely need to purchase a smaller boot to ensure a proper fit.

When I sized my horse’s hooves, they were between two sizes. Should I order the smaller or the larger size?

Double check your measurement to ensure that it is precise. If your horse’s hoof is between two sizes, we recommend ordering the bigger size.

Why did I receive a regular boot when I ordered a narrow?

Our narrow option applies specifically to the orthotic inside the boot. The boot size will reflect the normal sizing (i.e. 6L) but the orthotic inside is shaped differently to provide a narrower opening. This is achieved by incorporating a sidewall of orthotic material around the front and sides of the gel orthotic. Narrow sizes must be ordered over the phone.

Gel Orthotics Questions

My boots are fine but I need new orthotics; can I just order orthotics?

Yes, if you just need new orthotics you can insert them into your current boots as long as the inserts and boots are the same size. Orthotics are sold in pairs unless otherwise specified and are $70 for standard turquoise and $90 for specialty orthotics.

Which orthotics come standard with the boots when I order them?

All Soft-Ride Boots sizes 2-7 include a pair of standard turquoise orthotics, and sizes 8-10 include a pair of standard purple orthotics. Specialty pairs of orthotics can be purchased additionally.

Which Gel Orthotic is right for my horse?

We offer six different specialty orthotics that can be used with the Soft-Ride boots to help provide comfort and support to horses suffering from chronic laminitis, sinking or medial rotating laminitis, acute laminitis with dorsal to palmer (planter) rotation, navicular syndrome, sesmoiditis, stone bruises, abscesses, stinging hooves, and a wide variety of other hoof conditions and disorders. Click here for details on each of the different gel orthotic options.

Can I use Soft-Ride’s Gel Orthotic in other boots?

Our gel orthotic is designed specifically for the Soft-Ride boot, and as such should not be used with any other brand of boot.

Ice Spa Questions

How do I determine what size Ice Spa to order?

Here is some general sizing information about the Ice Spa, which can be used on fore or hind legs:

  • The 28-inch Ice Spa will go above the knee and hock on a 16.2 hand horse.
  • The 20-inch Ice Spa will go to the knee and upper cannon bone on a 16.2 hand horse.

How many Soft-Ride Ice Spas come with my order?

The Soft-Ride Ice Spa comes as a single boot for use on any leg (fore or hind). They are available in two sizes: 20-inch and 28-inch. When using the Ice Spa on your horse, we highly recommend putting a Comfort Boot on the opposite foot to offset the height difference created by the Ice Spa.

How is the Ice Spa orthotic different from the one inside a regular, Soft-Ride boot?

The Ice Spa orthotic uses the same material as the gel orthotic that’s found in our Soft-Ride boots. However, the Ice Spa orthotic features grooves that allow cold water to flow to the bottom of the hoof and cool the frog without allowing potentially damaging ice chunks to get under the hoof.

How do I put the Ice Spa on my horse?

You’ll find a video on how to use the Ice Spa here.

Can I attach my own air compressor to the Ice Spa drain?

Yes. We sell an adaptor that can attach your air compressor to the Ice Spa drain line and control the pressure of the air being used in the Spa. For more details, click here.

Cast Rocker & Super Rocker Questions

My horse is in a cast and my vet just ordered the Soft-Ride Cast Rocker. What is that and what does it do?

The casting process can create difficulties when the procedure fixes the leg in an awkward position. For example, when casting a horse lying down in a non-weight bearing state, the hoof may inadvertently be set in an unnatural position with little or no tension on the ligaments and tendons. The Cast Rocker is an innovative podiatric device that fits on the bottom of a leg cast to provide a rocker bottom, thus allowing the horse to find a naturally comfortable position. It also helps protect the cast bottom from abrasions, dirt and water.

To help prevent counter-limb laminitis on a horse with a cast leg, many practitioners put a Soft-Ride Comfort Boot on the opposite foot.

My vet just ordered a Super Rocker kit for my horse’s Soft-Ride boots. What is that and what does it do?

The Soft-Ride Super Rocker is a prescription-only, non-invasive podiatric device that attaches to the bottom of a Soft-Ride Comfort Boot. The Super Rocker enables a horse to find a comfortable, natural position to relieve stress on a sore, injured or diseased hoof while reducing tension on tendons and ligaments. For a horse in a cast, a Comfort Boot with the Super Rocker attachment can be used on the opposing limb to counter leg length disparity.

The Super Rocker should only be installed by your horse’s veterinarian. We recommend that the device first be taped to the Comfort Boot and x-rayed with the hoof in the boot to determine the proper rocker alignment for the position of the coffin bone relative to the ground. When proper positioning is achieved, the Super Rocker can be attached to the boot with the included fasters.

Can I order a Cast Rocker or Super Rocker myself?

No. Cast Rockers and Super Rockers are specific medical podiatric devices that are sold exclusively to veterinarians because of the finesse needed to correctly apply them. Both types of rockers should be used in conjunction with x-rays or radiographs to ensure the correct placement.


We use FedEx for all domestic and international shipments, so your order can be shipped via ground or Next-Day Air and can be delivered to your home or work.

Where will my order ship from?

All orders are shipped from our distribution facility in Bacliff, Texas, USA.

When is the same-day shipping cutoff?

Most orders ship out the same day if they are received before 4 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. Weekend orders are shipped the next business day, except holidays or otherwise noted dates.


How do I return my order?

We accept returns as long as the boots are in new condition. If they have been used, we charge a 25% restocking fee unless it is a warranty return.

Each order includes a form that must be completed if you return your Soft-Ride product. Your order number should be clearly written on the outside of the box, and it should be sent to: Soft-Ride, Inc. 626 Grand Ave Bacliff, Texas 77518.

We recommend using either FedEx or USPS with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance. Soft-Ride is not responsible for lost packages or packages sent without tracking.

Contact Us

How can I get in contact with you?

We’re available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday-Friday to answer your questions via phone or email. Our physical address can be used for return products only.

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