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Soft-Ride Comfort Boots help provide a comfortable trailer ride for horses by reducing shock and vibration. Research shows that Soft-Ride's Gel Orthotics increase the hoof surface area, thereby reducing the pounds-per-square-inch pressure on your horse's hooves and helping your horse arrive at your destination rested and ready to perform.

Smoother Roads

Soft-Ride comfort boots keep your horse more comfortable in the trailer by helping to absorb the bumps and vibrations that are part of every trailer ride.

Your truck’s tires, suspension and seats work together to make the trip more comfortable for you, and our boots do the same for your horse.

"Anyone who hauls in any kind of discipline, needs to have them on the horses"

- Taylor Young & Jayme Edwards

Rested Travelers

Your horse will walk off the trailer rested and ready to compete.

If you have a stress-free tow (light traffic, good roads and nice weather), you’ll arrive mentally and physically ready to go. Soft-Ride comfort boots help your horse relax in the trailer, making travel less stressful for him.

"When you get to a horse show, you can't start out with a horse that is tired."

- Brian Bell

Paddock Protection

Protect your horse’s hooves from stones and other debris when walking across unfamiliar parking lots and paddocks.

You wear boots to protect your feet and keep them comfortable. No matter if your horse is shod or unshod, Soft-Ride boots do the same by protecting the delicate frog, sole and heel bulb.

"...I guarantee you that Soft-Ride Boots are not something I would leave home without."

- Lari Dee Guy

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