Soft-Ride in the Spotlight

Lindy Burch Believes in Soft-Ride

Cowgirl Hall of Famer Lindy Burch firmly believes that the Soft-Ride Ice Spa and Soft-Ride Boots have helped prolong the careers of her cutting horses.

The Story of Jackyl

Jackyl was a celebrated team roping heel horse who enjoyed a 16-year career, thanks in part to Soft-Ride Boots.

The Story of Amigo

World Champion Heeler Patrick Smith relies on Soft-Ride boots to keep his horse, Amigo, comfortable on the road and at home.

Soft-Ride Comfort Boots & Gel Orthotics

Tasha Welsh Testimonial

"If they are in the trailer, they're (Soft-Ride Boots) on."

- Tasha Welsh

Al Dunning Testimonial

"One of my favorite things to make sure my horses are safe in the trailer are Soft-Ride Boots. "

- Al Dunning

Tammy Fischer Testimonial

"I use Soft-rides all the time...They've kept my horses sound for years and years...Nothing compares."

-Tammy Fischer

Jessi Fish Testimonial

"My vet suggested getting a pair of Soft-Rides...they helped so much I use them on everything I have."

-Jessi Fish

Brian Bell Testimonial

"We use Soft-Rides as preventatives....You can't start off with a horse that's tired."

-Brian Bell

Lari Dee Guy Testimonial

"Soft-Ride Boots increase circulation and lower the impact on the joints."

-Lari Dee Guy

Soft-Ride Ice Spa

Dr. Joe Stricklin Ice Spa Testimonial

"These Soft-Ride Ice Spa boots have a place for every type of performance horse."

- Dr. Joe Stricklin

Dr. James Belknap - Ohio State University

"It is the only effective therapy for laminitis."

- Dr. James Belknap

Rylee Harding

"I don't think I would have been able to compete this week without the Soft-Ride Ice Spa's."

- Rylee Harding

Ice Boot How-To Use

"We absolutely love them. They’re worth every penny."

Andrea Fappani Testimonial

"I was first introduced to the Ice Spa a couple years ago and I fell in love with it right away."

- Andrea Fappani

Brian Bell Testimonial

"We use the Ice Spa almost daily."

Brian Bell

Kyle Carter Testimonial

"The best icing method I’ve ever seen."

- Kyle Carter

Lara Knight Testimonial

"If they pick up the foot they stay in it so they learn to stand quieter in the boot"

- Lara Knight

Jon Barry - Jon Barry Training Stables

"We have 9 head of horses here and every one of them came in with a set of Soft-Ride boots on."

- Jon Barry