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For horses that are stabled on hard surfaces like paving stones and concrete, horse stable boots are an easy-to-use alternative to expensive floor mats. When your riding boots come off, your horse's Soft-Ride Comfort Boots with Gel Orthotics should go on.

Rested and Ready

Help ensure that your horse is rested and ready to compete, even after spending hours in a concrete stall.

If you had to stand on a hard floor for 8 hours, would you rather do it in your bare feet or in a pair of comfortable shoes? That's what we thought

"At the shows...it's hard to keep enough shavings under them to keep them comfortable. There was a noticable difference. The horses were comfortable and relaxed, and they felt fresh. When you get to a horse show, you cant start off with a horse that is already tired..."

- Brian Bell

Reduce Hoof Injuries

Reduce the risk of hoof injury by protecting your horse's feet from hard surfaces, stones and other debris.

Next time you're walking your horse through a parking lot, take a close look at the surface you're walking on. We think you'll be surprised at how much debris is on the ground.

"All my horse wear Soft-Ride Boots almost 100% of the time..."

- Chris Killim

Stall Mats Become Optional

Renting stall mats can be unneccesary, making it less expensive and easier clean to maintain your horse's stall.

"Anything I can do to keep them comfortable, I’m going to do it, and a big part of it for sure is the Soft-Ride gel."

- Andrea Fappani

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