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Ice Spa

The Ice Spa from Soft-Ride is an innovative new way to safely and easily ice your horse’s hooves and legs. The Ice Spa is available in three models and is perfect when icing for short periods after a tough workout or competition, or when icing for extended periods—such as following the 72-hour icing protocol for laminitis.

Ice Spa / Pro

The Ice Spa Pro lets you treat your horse like a professional athlete by making it easy to immerse the hoof and leg in an ice bath, reducing recovery time after a workout or performance.

The Ice Spa Pro is also perfect when following prolonged icing protocols to treat hoof diseases such as laminitis and sepsis.

The optional Smart Wireless Thermometer allows for easy, remote temperature monitoring when icing several horses simultaneously in a clinical setting.


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How to Use the Ice Spa Pro

What Others are Saying...

Dr. Joe Stricklin Ice Spa Testimonial

"These Soft-Ride Ice Spa boots have a place for every type of performance horse."

- Dr. Joe Stricklin

Dr. James Belknap - Ohio State University

"It is the only effective therapy for laminitis."

- Dr. James Belknap

Jon Barry - John Barry Training Stables

"We have 9 head of horses here and every one of them came in with a set of Soft-Ride boots on."

- Jon Barry

Andrea Fappani Testimonial

"I was first introduced to the Ice Spa a couple years ago and I fell in love with it right away."

- Andrea Fappani

Brian Bell Testimonial

"We use the Ice Spa almost daily."

- Brian Bell

Kyle Carter Testimonial

"The best icing method I’ve ever seen."

- Kyle Carter

Laura Knight Testimonial

"If they pick up the foot they stay in it so they learn to stand quieter in the boot"

- Laura Knight

Ice Boot How-To Use

"We absolutely love them. They’re worth every penny."

Features & Accessories

Removable Insulation Sleeve

The included removable insulation sleeve slips around the outside of the Ice Spa Pro and helps maintain proper cooling temperatures.

Optional Smart Wireless Thermometer

The optional Smart Wireless Thermometer allows remote monitoring of the temperature inside the Ice Spa Pro and will send an alert if the temperature is too warm or cold.

Neoprene Leg Overwrap

A comfortable, neoprene leg overwrap keeps ice and water contained without chafing.

Gel Retention Wrap

The gel wrap fits above the knee and keeps the Ice Spa Pro securely attached to the leg.

Channeled Gel Orthotic

Just like Soft-Ride Boots, the Ice Spa Pro includes a specially designed Gel Orthotic. The Gel’s channels help circulate water under the hoof, while its design provides comfort during long duration icing.

Additional Reading

Soft-Ride Ice Spa Instructions

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How To Use The Soft-Ride Ice Spa

Download the Soft-Ride Ice Spa Application Instructions.

Additional Model Types

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