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Soft-Ride Horse Boots & Gels

Soft-Ride's Equine Comfort Boots, Gel Orthotic Inserts and Ice Spa Boots offer unparalleled comfort, protection, support, and therapy for your horse.

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Soft-Ride Helps With...

Many people mistakenly think that Soft-Ride’s horse boots are only for horses that are suffering from laminitis or other foot/hoof issues. More and more horse owners are using Soft-Ride Comfort Boots, the originial & patented horse hoof boots as part of their daily routine to help keep their horses healthy. Both sound and tender-footed or injured horses benefit from our patented deep gel orthotic inserts.

When used together, Soft-Ride Horse Hoof Boots and the Ice Spa are the perfect one-two punch to keep your horse at the top of his game. Our horse boots and gels offer relief and protection when stabling and transporting, and our Ice Spa aids in recovery after workouts and performances. Both the Soft-Ride Comfort Boot and Soft-Ride Ice Spa can be used for therapeutic purposes when treating common hoof disorders.

Why Soft-Ride Horse Boots & Gels?

Soft-Ride gel orthotics absorb the shock and vibrations of long trailer trips, so the horse can perform better right out of the trailer.

The deep gel in our orthotics assists the natural blood circulation in horses' hooves as they shift their weight.

When a horse is in pain, immediate comfort is always the first priority. Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots relieve suffering from a wide variety of hoof conditions and disorders.

Featured Products and Accessories

In addition to Comfort Boots and Ice Spa Boots, Soft-Ride offers a variety of optional therapeutic Gel Orthotics & icing accessories.

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